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Our PVC Elevators are safer than ropes, cables or loop chains and allow you safe access to your PVC pipes.  Equipped with zinc plated, grade 43 chain connected to 1/4″ of formed welded steel, these strong and durable elevators will go the long haul.

Elevator Details:

Locks: 1/2″ lock pin and hinges.

Size: Lightweight elevators constructed of formed and welded 1/4″ steel.

Install: Fast and safe way to install bell end well casing.

Load rating based on chain size.
1″ – 6 1/4″ elevators are equipped with 1/4″ grade 43 high test chain. 2000 lbs.
8″ – 24″ elevators are equipped with 5/16″ grade 43 high test chain. 3000 lbs.

Elevator Pricing

PVC Pipe Elevators

Heavy Duty PVC Elevators

Precision Fit PVC Casing Elevators

Our precision fit PVC casing elevators are fast and safe way to install bell end well casing. The heavy duty elevators are constructed of 1/2″ wall DOM stell tube.  The DOM steel tube is machiend to specific pipe OD with a chamfer added to the top for the pipe to bell transition.

Elevator Details:

3/4″ pins and hinges used both sides of elevator

• Insert lock pin is machined with a taper for easy installation if pipe is out of round

Pricing for Heavy Duty Elevators

PVC Pipe Elevator

Precision Fit Pricing

Heavy Duty Elevators are sold in pairs of two; one to hold & one to lift. The 5/16″ chain is load tested to 3000 lbs. show that it’s safer than ropes, cables or loop chains.

HD Elevator Pricing

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