PVC Screen Slotting Machine


Single Head PVC Screen Slotting Machine

The JK106STS is a compact, space saving PVC screen slotting machine designed for pipe sizes 1/2″ through 6″ in 10 foot or 20 foot lengths by request.

Slotting Machine Details:

240 volt 3 phase 5 hp slotting motor.

Safety enclosure around main slotting head assembly equipped with two doors for servicing and
windows for viewing.

Air supply 120 psi 10cfm.


PVC Pipe Slotting Machine
PVC Screen Slotting Machine
PVC Pipe Slotting Machine - Slotting Saw Shaft

The standard pipe support tray is 14’ long, enabling slotting capability 1/2″ through 6″ in 10’ lengths.  This machine can also be built by request with a pipe support tray for slotting 20′ lengths of pipe.  The tray is designed to be stationary and anchored to the floor at both ends, which will require less floor space, approximately 4′ x 16′ for the shorter tray and approximately 4′ x 26′ for the longer tray.

The machine in mounted on four 15″ pneumatic wheels mounted on 1″ sealed taper bearings.  The slotting motor assembly will then travel along the tray for each segment of slots.

Approximate Slotting Times:

6-7 minutes on 10’ of 2″ with 4 rows, 1/4″ slot spacing
8-9 minutes on 10’ of 4″ with 5 rows, 1/4″ slot spacing
Most often, a 10’ row of slots with 1/4″ spacing will take 2-3 minutes.
Times will vary depending on pipe size, saw width, amount of saws, size of saws. The machine runs the best with 20 to 25 saws.


PVC Pipe Slotting Machine - PVC Well Screens

Automatic Pipe Indexing

The automatic pipe indexing for each row of slots will be performed by another high torque closed loop stepper gear motor system.  The indexer is mounted on one end of the pipe support tray with floor mounts that position the pipe tray up to 32″ for easier pipe loading and unloading.

PVC Pipe Slotting Machine - PVC Well Screens

Travel System

The travel system that moves the slotting assembly will be run with a high torque closed loop stepper gear motor system.  The pipe support tray will be fitted with a 3/4″ #12 gear rack on which the stepper gear motor will accurately position and move the slotting assembly for each segment of slots.