PVC Screen Slotting Machines


The JK106STS is a compact, space saving PVC screen slotting machine designed for pipe sizes 1/2″ through 6″ in 10 foot or 20 foot lengths by request.


The JK1012D double head PVC screen slotting machine has been one of our most popular machines with companies that require high of quality PVC well screens for 1”-12” PVC pipe.


The JK1012S is the single head version of our popular JK1012D Double Head Slotting Machine for 1”-12” PVC pipe.


The JK4012HD is a duty version of the JK1012D. This machine is equipped with two 15 hp slotting motor assemblies and is set up to slot 4”-12” PVC pipe in 20’ lengths.


The JK1220-6HS-6VS has PVC pipe slotting capability from 2″-12″ in 10′ & 20’ lengths. 3 or 6 slotting heads, vertical or horizontal. Automatic pipe load and unload system.

JK620 & JK630

The JK620 has PVC pipe slotting capability from 6″-20″ in 20’ lengths & shorter and the JK630 will slot up to 30” PVC pipe.


The JK2420-4S slotting machine is built with four heads to slot 2”-24” PVC pipe in 20’ lengths or less.


JK826-4S is Four Head PVC Screen Slotting Machine slotting 8″ up to 26″ PVC pipe in 20′ lengths.

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