PVC Screen Slotting Machine


JK1012S PVC Pipe Slotting Machine; automatic pipe slotting machine
PVC Pipe Slotting machine

Single Head PVC Screen Slotting Machine

The JK1012S is the single head version of our popular JK1012D Double Head Slotting Machine.

JK1012S Details:

Main Power:  240 volt  3 phase
• One 7 1/2 hp slotting motor
• Air Supply 120 psi 10 cfm
• Panasonic GT touch screen for programming and operating the machine
Slotting capability of 1″ to 8″ PVC pipe in 20′ lengths or less;  10″ to 12″ sch 40 PVC pipe in 10′ lengths or less (This machine can slot 20′ lengths of 10″-12″ sch40 PVC pipe with modifications to the slotting head and indexer.)*
Two high torque closed loop stepper gear motors
24′ indexer frame rail
15′ pipe support with multi directional rollers for easy indexing and movement of pipe

*If you are going to be slotting a large volume of 6″ – 12″ sch80 pipe in 20′ lengths or less, we recommend a heavy duty slotting machine such as the JK4012HD.  This machine has been designed to handle large quantities of longer, heavier PVC pipe.

Automatic Pipe Indexer

The automatic pipe indexing unit is equipped with two high torque closed loop stepper gear motors. One of the stepper motor systems will perform the operation of indexing the pipe accurately for each  row of slots and the other will move the indexer, pushing the pipe through the machine for each segment of slots (indexer travel system).

The Indexer has 3 primary functions:

1.  Clamp and hold pipe by the use of an expandable
ID pipe holders located on the 1 1/4″ indexer shaft.

2.  Turn pipe and accurately stop on the preset amount
of rows to be cut on the pipe’s OD circumference.

3.  Move pipe forward through machine to the next
segment of slots to be cut

The JK1012S will slot even or odd number of rows.

ID Pipe Holders

The pipe is held securely by the expandable ID pipe holder which is mounted to the 1 1/4″ indexer drive shaft.

PVC Screen Slotting Machine - ID pipe holder

Shown in photo on left is the four arm size #2 ID pipe holder with larger cone for holding 8”-12”.
1/2” extension pins used for 12”.

ID pipe holder - PVC screen slotting machine

3/16” rubber oring stock is wrapped around four arms and used to collapse holding arms when air cylinder moves cone forward.