Pipe Perforating Machine


Perforating Machine for HDPE & PVC Pipe

The JK1660 Perforating Machine is designed to drill holes in HDPE or PVC pipe sizes 4″ through 16″ in 50′ lengths or shorter. 


Dimensions of Drilling Assembly: 10′ long x 7′ high x 36″ wide with 60 foot pipe support track

Equipped with eight 1 1/2 hp drill motors with arbors to hold 1/2″ shank drills.

Motors can be set up with 10″ or 12″ centers.

JK1660 HDPE & PVC Pipe Perforating Machine

JK1660 Features

HDPE Pipe Perforating Machine

Features of the Perforating Assembly

The eight drilling motor assembly is reciprocated up and down with four 2 1/2 x 20 stroke air cylinders.  This system will be automatically set for any pipe size 4″ – 16″ without adjustments.  Also Horizontal movement on perforating machine for hole spacing, stagger offset spacing and machine travel to next segment is performed by a high torque closed loop stepper gear motor.

The 60′ pipe support track with lateral rollers are spaced every 2 feet which allows the track to sit securely and safely directly on the floor.

Perforated PVC Pipe

Automatic Pipe Indexer

Pipe Indexer

Air operated 2 speed automatic pipe indexing unit, designed with a 360 degree encoder for accurate pipe indexing of row stops.

Indexing unit equipped with a 1 1/4″ hollow shaft to accommodate air operated pipe holders for pipe sizes 4″ – 16″.

Air supply must maintain 10 cfm at 100 psi.


Sample Perforating Time

4″ (110mm OD) HDPE pipe;  40′ (12m) length
4 rows;  4″ (100mm) centers;  .394″ (10mm) diameter hole

480 holes = 9 minutes, 40 secs or 1.125 seconds per hole

Touch Screen Programming

Touch Screen

The machine is set up by the use of a sophisticated PLC with commands run through a Panasonic touch screen.

The touch screen will enable set up for hole spacing, stagger spacing, machine travel movement per segment, degrees of rotation per row and the amount of rows.

The machine basically has one physical setting, that is to raise or lower the pipe indexer when changing pipe sizes.

This machine can be set up for a variety of different hole patterns. For your most common patterns, the PLC is set up with a memory area for 5 different hole patterns for fast perforating set up.

Optional 40′ Pipe Cart

Pipe Perforating Machine
Pipe Cart, HDPE pipe perforating machine

Pipe Cart

As an optional feature for your JK1660, a 40′ pipe cart with guide rack can be ordered.  Cart dimensions are 5′ x 40′ long with four 10″ caster wheels.  Cart will have retractable ramp for transferring pipe from cart onto the machine.

Regulate Plunge Rate

The JK1660 was originally designed to perforate holes in HDPE pipe.  Because the drills enter the pipe fast, there is a possibility of chipping out the holes or cracking PVC pipe.  However, if you require this machine to perforate PVC, the JK1660 can be built with an attachment to regulate plunge rate of drills into pipe.

*Please make note when requesting a quotation for this machine.

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