Pipe Perforating Machine


Perforating Machine for HDPE & PVC Pipe

The JK1660 Perforating Machine is designed to drill holes in HDPE or PVC pipe sizes 4″ through 16″ in 50′ lengths or shorter. 


Dimensions of Drilling Assembly: 10′ long x 7′ high x 36″ wide with 60 foot pipe support track

Equipped with eight 1 1/2 hp drill motors with arbors to hold 1/2″ shank drills.

Motors can be set up with 10″ or 12″ centers.

JK1660 HDPE & PVC Pipe Perforating Machine

Video:  4″ PVC pipe; 1/2″ holes; 6″ centers; 8 rows; stagger

Video:  4″ DR17 HDPE pipe; 1/2″ holes; 6″ centers; 8 rows; stagger

JK1660 Features

HDPE Pipe Perforating Machine

Features of the Perforating Assembly

The eight drilling motor assembly is reciprocated up and down with four 2 1/2 x 20 stroke air cylinders.  This system will be automatically set for any pipe size 4″ – 16″ without adjustments.  Also Horizontal movement on perforating machine for hole spacing, stagger offset spacing and machine travel to next segment is performed by a high torque closed loop stepper gear motor.

The 60′ pipe support track with lateral rollers are spaced every 2 feet which allows the track to sit securely and safely directly on the floor.

Perforated PVC Pipe