PVC & HDPE Pipe Drilling Machine

JK1220-6SP will slot or drill 1 1/2” up to 16” pipe in 20’ lengths or less and is equipped with six 3 hp 3 phase drilling motor assemblies.

JK1220-6SP Details:

Approximate Dimensions of Main Frame:  70” high x 46” wide x 30’ long.

• Pipe Indexing Unit Travel:  6’

• Power Requirement:  240 volt 3 phase 50 or 60 HZ to AC frequency drives

• Air Supply:  15 to 20 CFM at 120 PSI


Steel safety panels will have polycarbonate inspection windows and easy access doors for service and setting.
The pipe to be drilled or slotted will enter and exit through the end of the machine. An assembly of rollers are used for horizontal traverse of the pipe up to the ID pipe holder mounted on indexing shaft. The pipe roller supports are independent and can be easily position where needed on main frame angle track. Finally, the overhead pipe clamps are adjustable for pipe sizes 1 1/2” up to 16”.

With the fixed pipe roller system, the bottom side of most pipe sizes will be close to the same distance from drills. Change over to different pipe size requires little drill depth setting. Drills or saws are positioned below pipe and can be set close to pipe OD. As a result, drills or saws will start cut faster and drop down out of hole or slot faster. This will decrease cycle time and heat during drilling or slotting. JK1220-6SP will be designed with six 3 hp 3 phase motors powered by AC frequency drives. The 3 hp motor assemblies will ride on linear V-tracks and bearings. Vertical movement for drilling or slotting is done with air over fluid. Each drill/saw assembly is equipped with regulator valve for adjusting drilling or slotting speed.

Automatic Pipe Indexer

The indexer has 3 primary functions

The pipe indexing assembly on this machine is designed to move the pipe horizontally to the next preset slot or hole and rotate the pipe for the  amount of rows required.  Indexing and horizontal left and right travel is performed by high torque closed loop stepper gear motors.  JK1220-6SP is equipped with 6’ of accurate programmable travel.

The automatic pipe indexing unit rides on the lower angle track located inside main frame.  Power from stepper motor for travel is transferred by double geared drive shaft to dual racks on second level main frame beam.  Indexer will have 1.250” hollow drive shaft to accommodate air operated inside pipe holders.