PVC Pipe Threading Machine


PVC Pipe Threading Machine

The JK1604BP is designed for threading 4″ – 16″ PVC pipe. 

JK1604BP Details:

Cuts both male(pin) and female(box) threads.

240 volt 3 phase (power supply can be changed for high voltage)

Two heavy duty pipe supports equipped with multi directional wheels.

Vacuum fixtures around cutters requires no less than 1 hp dust collection vacuum.


Thread Types:
The JK1604BP will cut both male and female threads in PVC pipe following your specific requirements, such as ASTM F480 and DIN4925 standards.
Thread types include 2 TPI, 4 TPI, 8 TPI, 11 TPI, 6mm/12mm trapezoidal, 8 round taper and other types upon request.  Please contact us with your requirements.

12mm Trapezoidal Thread shown in photo ⇒

12mm thread, PVC threading machine
PVC Pipe Threading Machine
PVC Pipe Threading Machine
PVC Pipe Threading Machine

Dependable and Efficient

The JK1604BP is equipped with an automatic expandable self centering six jaw chuck located on each end of the spindle.  The chuck system will enable the machine to thread both flush joint and bell end pipe.  The chucks can be set on the touch screen to open and close manually or automatically at program start and thread completion.

The 17″ ID hollow spindle is rotated by a 1 hp gear motor powered by an AC frequency drive.  This design incorporates touch screen programming for all dimensions and movements.  The automated movements are performed by hybrid closed loop stepper actuators and is controlled by a sophisticated PLC (control unit) which has the capability to store 10 different thread dimensions and specifications (5 pin and 5 box).   The programmable touch screen also has a memory for 6 thread ratios.  The thread cutting motor is a 5 hp 3500 rpm powered by an AC frequency drive. An additional 3 hp motor is used for cutting the part off and oring groove when needed.

Touch Screen Programming