PVC Pipe Slotting Machine


Dual Head PVC Screen Slotting Machine

The JK4012HD is a heavy duty machine for 4″-12″ PVC pipe in 20′ lengths or less.  This machine is designed to handle larger, heavier pipe sizes, such as 10″ and 12″ sch80.

JK4012HD Features:

• 460 volt 3 phase 50 or 60 Hz incoming power with control circuits transformed down to 110 volt AC and 24 volt DC.

• Two 15hp 220/440 volt 60 Hz 3 phase slotting motors.

Designed with a cable track and mount connected from indexer to main slotting frame which will carry control wires and air supply.

Automatic pipe indexer with settings for row slotting around PVC pipe circumference 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 14


PVC Pipe Slotting Machine, PVC well screens

Slotting Shaft

PVC Pipe Slotting Machine, slotting saw shaft

Slotting Shaft

JK4012HD Pipe Slotting Machine

Touch Screen Programming

Slotting Shaft

The JK4012HD slotting shafts are designed to hold 10” of saws per segment of slots.  The two slotting saw shafts are equipped with special built vacuum shrouds with 6” hose connections. The JK4012HD is equipped with down draft vacuum fixtures for better dust collection and will require connection to a dust collection system.  J&K Tool can provide options for a collection system.

The JK4012HD main machine and slotting assembly is stationary.  For this reason, the machine is equipped with a traveling automatic pipe indexer.  Pipe indexing is done with a high torque closed loop stepper motor system designed with higher turning torque to handle 10” and 12” heavy wall SDR 17 or Sch 80 PVC pipe in 20’ lengths.

Slotting Saw Shaft
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