PVC Screen Slotting Machine


Double Head PVC Screen Slotting Machine

The JK1012D double head PVC screen slotting machine has been one of our most popular machines with companies that require high production of quality PVC well screens. This machine is very fast and easy to set up and operate.

JK1012D Details:

Two 7 1/2 hp slotting motors

• Runs on 240 volt 3 phase (can be converted to 440/460 volt 3 phase) and 120 psi 10 cfm air supply

• Automatic pipe indexing unit is equipped with two high torque closed loop stepper gear motors

• Touch screen programming for all settings


PVC Pipe Slotting Machine
PVC Screen Slotting Machine
PVC Pipe Slotting Machines JK1012D

Our customers describe the JK1012D as a fast production machine that is simple to set up and operate.

If you are going to be slotting a large volume of 6″ – 12″ sch80 pipe in 20′ lengths or less, we recommend a heavy duty slotting machine such as the JK4012HD.  This machine has been designed to handle large quantities of longer, heavier PVC pipe.

Slotting capability 1″ – 8″ PVC pipe in 20’ lengths or less; 10″ – 12″ sch40 in 10′ lengths or less
24′ indexer frame rail
15′ pipe support
• Safety enclosure around main slotting head assembly
• Machine can be programmed to slot odd number of rows using one slotting head.

Slotting Test Speed:  4” PVC pipe in 10’ length; 4 rows; .020” slots with 1/4” spacing = 3 minutes
Slotting time will vary depending on pipe size, pipe length, number of rows, and size of saws and spacing.

Automatic Pipe Indexer